• Specs
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    Marking Area
    7.087 "
    Marking Area
    7.087 "
    Max Laser Output Power
    10 W
  • Product Overview

    The EconomyDiode series of lasers are the perfect entry-level systems for small and medium-sized companies with a modest demand for marking. The short resonator allows an outstanding beam quality for clean and precise marking on metals, plastics, ceramics and other materials. The lasers work with thermoelectric air cooling. We do not use high-maintenance air/water or water cooling and so save the user on time-consuming maintenance work and expensive downtimes.

    These systems represent a solution in accordance with laser safety class 4. For operation in accordance with laser safety class 1, ACI Laser GmbH provides a complete solution in the form of lasers with different manual workplaces.

    Lasertype: Nd:YAG
    Wave length: 1064 nm
    Pumping principle : Longitudinal
    Laser power: 4 W, 10 W (Pumpleistung)
    Number of adjustable pulse lengths: 15-100 ns
    Pulse repetition rate: 1-100 kHz
    Laser class: 4
    Input: 75W ≤ Pel ≤ 150W
    Labeling field size 1: 60 x 60 mm
    Labeling field size 2: 110 x 110 mm
    Labeling field size 3: 180 x 180 mm
    Weight: 15 kg
    Length: 603 mm
    Width: 201 mm
    Height: 235 mm
    Connected load: 100-240 VAC /16 A  /  50-60 Hz
    Interfaces: USB 2.0, SPS-Interface, Interlock PLe

  • About Company
    ACI Laser GmbH

    German manufacturer and exporter of innovative laser for labeling and laser marking systems.

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