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    The 3D data acquisition of an object with a white light scanner or a fringe projection system takes place in the following sequence: After the 3D scanner, the measuring object, and as the case may be a turntable or a robot for an automated acquisition, have been set up, the sensor components (cameras, projector) are calibrated.

    This is followed by the digital measurement of the object, in that the projector projects a sequence of fringe patterns (here: gray code procedure combined with phase shift technique) onto the measuring object, whereby each object displays an individual fringe pattern sequence in accordance with its contour. The system cameras capture this projected fringe pattern at a predefined viewing angle, while the individual projection varies for each object, and even for each view of the object. Depending on the application, either one or two cameras are used. When necessary, the 3D digitization is performed fully automatically by adding a turntable or robot which is synchronized with the measurement process.

    An individual measuring sequence is completed within approximately one second; depending on the complexity of the measuring object, the entire measuring process takes between a few seconds and several minutes. The process is completed once the object has been completely digitized, i.e. individual images of all sides of the object have been captured and automatically saved. Within a matter of a few seconds, the computer then calculates the 3D data of the measuring object by aligning the individual captures by reference to the respective object geometry or by aid of index marks which prior to the data acquisition have been attached to the object.

    The result initially is a so-called point cloud which is then – depending on the measuring task in hand (e.g. reverse engineering, rapid prototyping) and the aid of respective specialized programs - converted into a thinned net of triangles, referred to as the ‘mesh’. It is in this step of the process that for instance the surfaces are smoothened, or that the measurement noise is reduced and the data volume is decreased, without the overall data quality being compromised. The exact three-dimensional replica of the object is available as a data set in various formats and can be used for any type of further processing, e.g. with a CAD / CAM program.

    The measuring volume captured by a white light scanner ranges from a few millimeters to about one meter. Yet, by combining the aforementioned method with another measurement strategy, the photogrammetry, considerably larger free form areas can also be captured at the highest level of detail – the spectrum of three-dimensional digitization ranges from smallest injector nozzles all the way up to meter high building structures.

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    AICON 3D Systems GmbH

    AICON 3D Systems GmbH is one of the world’s leading providers of optical 3D metrology. The company, founded in 1990, develops and supplies portable coordinate measuring machines for universal applications as well as specialized optical measuring technology for vehicle testing and tube manufacturing. Since the acquisition of Breuckmann GmbH in August 2012, the portfolio also includes optical 3D measuring systems for contact-free surface measurement of objects. AICON's reference list boasts renowned global automotive manufacturers and suppliers, companies from the aerospace industry, and the areas of shipbuilding, renewable energies and mechanical engineering. Efficient and high-precision production monitoring, quality assurance and control as well as reliable reverse engineering are absolutely essential to be competitive in a global market. In the field of measuring technology and beyond, optical and portable non-contact 3D measuring systems become more and more important. With the product lines MoveInspect Technology, breuckmann Scanner and TubeInspect, AICON offers solutions for various inspection and digitization tasks. MoveInspect Technology brings together a wide range of optical measuring technologies in a high performance modular system concept. Due to the modular design, components such as sensors, probes and computers can be combined with the suitable software for each measuring task. MoveInspect Technology is coordinate measuring technology for an abundance of applications, whether static or dynamic, whether probing, tracking or targeting. The Breuckmann scanners ensure a highly precise optical capturing of complex 3D structures. The patented miniature projection technique allows efficient and cost-effective measuring and testing for various technical applications, e.g. surface inspection of metal components or deformation analysis of gears. The optical measuring system TubeInspect offers an efficient quality assurance in tube and wire manufacturing. TubeInspect is specially designed for the measurement of formed tubes and wires, both in reverse engineering and in serial production. It works as programmable optical gauge and calculates setup and correctional data for bending machines within just a few seconds. With their products for automated test and process control, AICON opens new worldwide market fields and obtains outstanding growth. For more information on AICON, see

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