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AKS R1830-HD3070

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Type:Plasma Cutters


AKS Cutting Systems (Div. Kiffer Industries)

About AKS Cutting Systems (Div. Kiffer Industries)

Advanced Kiffer Systems, Inc. (AKS), a subsidiary of Kiffer Industries, is a Cleveland based company that has been at the forefront of high-quality machine tool production for over 100 years. Our 55,000 sq. ft. headquarters and manufacturing facility is located adjacent to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. AKS Cutting Systems manufacturers CNC plasma cutting machines and flame cutting systems both unitized and gantry type. AKS Cutting Systems manufactures waterjet X3 and X4 models. We have been actively involved in the sheet metal and plate metal cutting equipment for over 25 years. You may already be familiar with the AKS brand of cutting systems.

AKS R1830-HD3070

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AKS Cutting Systems (Div. Kiffer Industries)
4905 Rocky River Drive
Cleveland, Ohio 44135
United States
Machine Tool Technologies (Mac-Tech)
3073 South Chase Ave Ste 650
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207
United States