• Specs
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    62.99 "
    66.93 "
    44.3 hp
  • Product Overview

    M20 is an horizontal milling machine with moving column with column movement parallel to the X axis (Floor-Type). The machine structures are made of Italian cast iron and are subject to a stress relieving treatment. The system utilizes modern electronic technologies so to ensure long lifetime and high reliability of the mechanical and electronic systems, as well as an extremely high precision. A wide range of accessories can increase the capabilities of this machine, such as milling and facing heads, automatic head changer, tool changer as well as rotary or sliding/rotary tables.

    X (table): 4000-10000 mm
    Y (headstock): 2000-2500 mm
    Z (RAM): 1000-1200 mm
    working feeds: 0-5000 mm/min
    rapid feeds: 20000 mm/min
    power: 33 kW (S6)
    taper: ISO50
    dimension: 1300x1600 mm;1700x1600 mm
    max. weight admitted: 6000 kg
    dimensions: 1600x1800 mm; 1800x1800 mm
    max. weight admitted: 12000 kg
    dimensions: 1500x1500 mm;1500x2000 mm; 2000x2000 mm; 2000x2500 mm
    max. weight admitted: 22000 kg

  • About Company

    In the company “ Alesamonti “ we know that our clients want efficient machines; for more than 50 years we have worked for this and we keep doing so. Efficiency means that we produce machines that always function and that we help the clients out within short notice when necessary. Efficiency means that we pay attention to the maintenance of the machines so to maintain the best possible performances in time thanks to up-dated innovation of the product and the relative service.

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