Discontinued Model
  • Product Overview

    Machine type MILLING 1 is a high speed milling machine with moving column, composed of two independent groups:
    · a group composed of a bed integrated into the column and a headstock with milling spindle
    · a cross group composed of bed, table saddle and rotary table,
    orthogonal to the first group.
    In particular, for what concerns the column, it is a symmetric structure, composed of two parallel columns having the headstock running in the middle.
    The structures of the whole machine are realized in double size electrowelded steel, the rotary table is made of cast iron, with ground surface and slots.
    The sliding of the axes is realized by means of linear guideways and preloaded roller runner blocks for a high rigidity during the machining of any kind of semi-finished product.

    X (table): 3000 mm
    Y (headstock): 2100 mm
    Z (column):1500 mm
    working feeds: 0 - 10000 mm/min
    rapid feeds: 40000 mm/min
    power: 63 kW (S1)
    taper: ISO HSK-A 100
    milling spindle diameter: 148 mm
    spindle rotation with costant power: 0-8000 rpm
    dimensions: 1650x1800 mm; 1800x1800 mm
    max. weight admitted: 12000 kg

  • About Company

    In the company “ Alesamonti “ we know that our clients want efficient machines; for more than 50 years we have worked for this and we keep doing so. Efficiency means that we produce machines that always function and that we help the clients out within short notice when necessary. Efficiency means that we pay attention to the maintenance of the machines so to maintain the best possible performances in time thanks to up-dated innovation of the product and the relative service.