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ALIKO 320-4200

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Type:Press Brakes


Tonnage:320 T
OA Length:13.78 '
OA (Overall) Length:204.7 "
BH:6.56 '
BH (Between Housings):138.6 "
Stroke:9.843 "
# Axis:6
Control:CNC (Cybelec ModEva 12S control)
Weight:15 to.
Aliko Oy Ltd

About Aliko Oy Ltd

Aliko is a manufacturer of sheet metal machines for the heavy-duty engineering industry and a developer of sheet machining technology. Aliko's main products are press brakes, guillotine shears and water jet cutting machines. Aliko provides service and training to all of it's machines and service to other manufacturer's machines also.

ALIKO 320-4200