• Specs
    250 w
  • Product Overview

    To conceive the ALFlak Max, we have combined the advantages of the ALM with the ALFlak. The result: an ergonomic laser system which can be driven easily and fast to the work pieces and this with millimeter accuracy. Thanks to its highly movable but stable arm and its slim turn and tilt objective, the ALFlak Max can reach almost every welding spot.

    The system is available in two different versions: the first version is equipped with caterpillars to allow an ease of movement while the second version is adapted for a forklift or pallet truck transport.

    We recommend this laser welding system especially if you are working on very big molds. Our laser welding device ALFlak Max has a particularly long but stable laser arm that allows you to have a range of almost 2,80 m. The highest operating point is 2 m and the deepest at 80 cm.

    Model Brochure (927 KB)

  • About Company

    German manufacturer of complete laser welding devices for application in material processing, especially for welding and cutting.

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