• Specs
  • Product Overview

    • Closed loop water cooled Opposed designed pressure lubricated 4 stage
    • 300 gallon Diesel Fuel Tank
    • 30 gallon Lube Oil Tank
    • On board Hydraulically driven 30KW 3 phase generator 240/120VAC
    • Packaged in ISO 20ft modified ISO container suitable for worldwide shipping
    • Constructed of A606 Corten – self contained seismic
    • Compressor package con be connected into any master monitor system via Ethernet connection
    • Meets current emission standards
    • Fully automated with manual overrides
    • Go anywhere with minimal mobilization (from the North Pole to the desert, land based or on board vessel)
    • Unit only requires fuel
    • Air pressure gauge and safety valve for each stage 4 Oil pressure gauge and relief valve
    • Suction filter and silencer
    • Cooler drain valves
    • Integral interstage and after coolers
    • High efficiency low lift concentric valves at each stage 4 Fusible plugs for high temperature protection
    • Air coolers and water inlet and outlet temperatures via thermometers
    • Air delivery non-return valve
    • Separator column
    • Automatic cooler drainage and unloading systems 4 Stainless steel lubricating oil tank with condensate management system
    • High air temperature switch
    • Low lubricating oil pressure switch
    • Anti vibration mounting system
    • Flexible hoses for all terminal points
    • Integral SW/FW tube heat exchanger with thermostatic control valve
    • Cooling water flow switch

  • About Company
    Alpha Seismic Compressors, LLC

    Contact us today about customized air source solutions for your high pressure air and nitrogen needs. With outstanding global compressor performance experience on land and sea ASC understands the requirements for continuous reliability in harsh and demanding conditions. High pressure and high volume air. Done. Right. Now. ASC rents, sells, installs, operates and services high pressure compressors worldwide. Corporate, Sales and Administrative Offices are located in Portland, Our Fleet and Service Operations are located in Houston, Texas. Oregon. All us today. Contact Fred Pfaffle, Managing Member at 503-244-0701 for more information on how ASC can offer you air source solutions for high pressure air and nitrogen.

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