AMC CH 150

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    Cutting diameter 16-90 mm
    0.6-3.5 inch
    Max. table movement length-wise (air cushion) 600 mm
    23.6 inch
    Max. table movement crosswise (air cushion) 250 mm
    9.8 inch
    Max. capacity lengthwise with use of head swing 35º 1000 mm
    39.4 inch
    Max. spindle unit elevation 340 mm
    13.4 inch
    Max. main spindle movement 180 mm
    7.1 inch
    Max. horizontal swing of head unit ±35º degree
    Max. spindle inclination in all directions (air cushion) ±7º degree
    Horizontal spindle movement cross- and lengthwise ±3 (for final centering) mm
    ±0.12 (for final centering) inch
    Distance spindle nose to table 310-670 mm
    12.2-26.4 inch
    Distance spindle nose to setting-up fixture 250-600 mm
    9.8-23. inch
    Max workpiece height from lowest clamping height:

    With shortest pilot 525 mm
    20.6 inch
    With longest pilot 485 mm
    19.1 inch
    Max inclination of setting-up fixture - standard equipment 30º degree
    Max inclination of setting-up fixture - extra equipment 45º degree
    Spindle rotation infinitely variable 20-1200 rpm
    Constant spindle torque 15 Nm
    11,06 ft lbf
    Spindle diameter 80 mm
    3.1 inch
    Spindle taper ISO 30
    Electric motor for spindle rotation 1.5 kW
    2 hp
    Electric motor for spindle elevation 0.25 kW
    0.34 hp
    Vacuum pump 0.15 kW
    0.2 hp
    Height of machine 2200 mm
    86.6 inch
    Total length of machine 1500 mm
    59.1 inch
    Total width of machine 1050 mm
    41.3 inch
    Working space required 1500x1050 mm
    59.1x41.3 inch
    Net. weight approx. 1050 kg 
    2310 lbs
    Shipping weight approx. (wooden box) 1250 kg 
    2750 lbs
    Shipping volume 4.54 m³
    160,3 ft³

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