• Product Overview

    MODEL JW-89S
    Max Section Modulus of Elasticity(cm3) 30
    Profile yield limit(MPa)
    Steel Pipe Max Section 89X5
    Min Bending Dia. 1000
    Max Section 25X2
    Min Bending Dia. 500
    Angle Iron Incurvature Max Section 75x75x10
    Min Bending Dia. 1200
    Max Section 35x35x3
    Min Bending Dia. 560
    Angle Iron Excurvature Max Section 90x90x10
    Min Bending Dia. 1150
    Max Section 35x35x3
    Min Bending Dia. 500
    Channel Steel Incurvature Model 12.6
    Min Bending Dia. 1000
    Channel Steel Max Section 16
    Excurature Min Bending Dia. 800
    Flat Steel Bend in Ease Way Max Section 180x25
    Min Bending Dia. 900
    Flat Steel Bend In Hard Wa Max Section 90x20
    Min Bending Dia. 900
    Round Steel Max Section 65
    Min Bending Dia. 700
    Dia.of Standard Module(mm) 360
    Rolling Speed(m/min) 5
    Main Motor Power(kw) 11

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    Xi'an Amco Machine Tools Co., Ltd.

    Xi’an AMCO Machine Tools Co., Ltd is a professional company who are specialized in producing, researching and developing and supplying all kinds of Machines and equipments. The products concerned include Engine Rebuilding Machine、Metal Forming machine、Metal Cutting Machine With several year experience in this field, AMCO machine tools has gained a deeply understanding of the quality of the machine in famous domestic manufacture, it help us to supply the most proper machine according to customer different requirements.

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