AMCO MQ8260CX1600

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    22.83 "
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  • Product Overview

    Main Specification:
    Model MQ8260Cx1600
    Max. work diameter × Max. length Φ580×1600 mm
    Capacity Max. swing over table Φ600 mm
    Work diameter ground Φ30 – Φ100 mm
    Throw of crankshaft 110 mm
    Max. work In 3-jaw chuck 1400 mm
    length ground  Between center 1600 mm
    Max. word weight 120 Kg
    Workhead Centre height 300 mm
    Work speed (2 step) 25, 45, 95 r/min
    Wheelhead  Max. cross movement 185 mm
    Wheelhead rapid approach and withdraw 100 mm
    Wheel feed per turn of cross feed handwheel 1 mm
    Per grad. Of cross feed hand wheel 0.005 mm
    Grinding wheel Wheel spindle speed 740, 890 r/min
    Wheel spindle speed   25.6 – 35 m/sec
    Wheel size (O.D. × Bore) Φ900 × 32 ×Φ305mm
    Table  traverse per turn of handwheel Coarse 5.88 mm
    Fine 1.68 mm
    Overall capacity of motors 9.82 kw
    Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 4166 × 2037 × 1584mm
    Weight 6000 kg

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    Xi'an Amco Machine Tools Co., Ltd.

    Xi’an AMCO Machine Tools Co., Ltd is a professional company who are specialized in producing, researching and developing and supplying all kinds of Machines and equipments. The products concerned include Engine Rebuilding Machine、Metal Forming machine、Metal Cutting Machine With several year experience in this field, AMCO machine tools has gained a deeply understanding of the quality of the machine in famous domestic manufacture, it help us to supply the most proper machine according to customer different requirements.