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    Boring Dia
    7.874 "
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    Main Specifications:
    Model  T7220C
    Max. boring Diameter F200mm
    Max. Boring Depth 500mm
    Diameter of Milling Cutter Head  250mm (315mm is optional)
    Max .Milling Area  850x250mm (780x315mm) 
    Spindle Speed Range 53-840rev/min
    Spindle Feed Range 0.05-0.20mm/rev
    Spindle Travel  710mm
    Distance from Spindle Axis to Carriage Vertical plane 315mm
    Table Longitudinal Travel 1100mm
    Table Longitudinal feed speed  55、110mm/min 
    Table Longitudinal quick move speed        1500mm/min 
    Table cross travel  100mm
    Machining accuracy Dimension Accuracy  1T7
    Roundness  0.005
    Cylindricity 0.02/300
    Boring roughness  Ra1.6
    Milling roughness   Ra1.6-3.2

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    Xi'an Amco Machine Tools Co., Ltd.

    Xi’an AMCO Machine Tools Co., Ltd is a professional company who are specialized in producing, researching and developing and supplying all kinds of Machines and equipments. The products concerned include Engine Rebuilding Machine、Metal Forming machine、Metal Cutting Machine With several year experience in this field, AMCO machine tools has gained a deeply understanding of the quality of the machine in famous domestic manufacture, it help us to supply the most proper machine according to customer different requirements.

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