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Type:Lubricated Reciprocating Air Compressors


Product Overview

ANGI compressors feature modular design for site integration and on-skid PLC controls. Optional sound attenuated protective enclosures are available. Custom designs can integrate dryer, storage, and dispensers on skid.

All of ANGI's compressor products satisfy the worlds highest quality standards with ISO-9001 and are specifically designed for the CNG fueling industry and the NGV refueling industry.

Range: Up To 3000 scfm (5100 Nm3/hr)
Motor: Electric motor or natural gas engine driven
Model: Ariel JG/4, JGA/4, or JGA/6 compressor
Stages: Available in 3, 4, or 5 stage configurations
Skid: Conventional or mother station designs

ANGI Energy Systems, LLC

About ANGI Energy Systems, LLC

ANGI Energy Systems is a U.S.-based manufacturer of quality engineered gas compression equipment and a leading supplier of compressed Natural Gas (NGV) refueling equipment and systems. ANGI has a longstanding reputation as a leader and innovator in both the compression and NGV refueling station industries and has over 30 years of experience providing worldwide clients with high quality products and services.