APEC GM30/6000

  • Specs
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    236.2 "
    118.1 "
    39.37 "
    24000 rpm
    HSK 63A
  • Product Overview

    XYZ-axis with linear motor drive
    XYZ rapid traverse 60m/min
    Max. acceleration 5m/sec2
    Box-in-Box structure design for the smallest thermal deformation and least strain
    Two-axis head with direct drive motor
    Customized design for special needs

    Specifications GM30/6000
    X-axis 6000 mm
    Y-axis 3000 mm
    Z-axis 1000 mm
    Rapid traverse XYZ=50 m/min
    Acceleration XYZ=5 m/sec2
    Spindle taper HSK 63A
    Spindle speed 24000 rpm
    Spindle power (S1/S6) 37/46 kW
    2-Axis Head
    Max. swivel/rotation speed B=30 C=30 rpm
    Max. swivel/rotation torque (S1-100%) B=760 C=800 Nm
    Clamping torque B=2100 C=3000 Nm
    Swivel/rotation angle B=±105° C=±200° degree

  • About Company
    Asia Pacific Elite Corp.

    Best and most complete 5axis machining products and services APEC Ltd. is a very professional in Taiwan machine tool manufacturers, belonging to the Tongtai Group, a subsidiary specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of large gantry high-speed 5-axis machine tools linked to the major economies in the world; our products can be broadly applied to the majority of industries, from aerospace, automobiles, trains trams, solar energy, shipbuilding, semiconductors, electronic equipment. We provide the best and most complete products and services to help customers around the world.

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