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Type:Plasma Cutters
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Cut-Width:70.87 "
Cut-Length:98.43 "

Product Overview

The ArcBro-Battleship GT standard cutting area is 2,000X3,000mm
Max cutting area can reach 3,500X15,000mm
Available Cutting Width Standard 1,800mm (2,000mm / 2,500mm / 3,000mm / 3,500mm)
Available Cutting Length Standard 2,500mm (Add 500mm for one unit, max as 15,000mm)
Servo Cutting System, more precise and more stability
ArcBro Battleship GT Feature :

We update all Battleship structure into more stronger, it is much more stable but assemble easy. Battleship GT use Aluminum + Steel style, it has the light and endurable and stable feature :
the Aluminum support update 40X80MM from 40X40MM
the cross beam update 80X100MM square steel from the 40X40MM Aluminum, Max support 150KG
the width of the machine car rail update 420MM from 320MM
the whole connection structure using the 40X80MM Aluminum , even on the bottom base
the fix of the base is heavy U-steel
update the installation structure, totally quick fix design, you will more easy assemble the machine
More Precise!!

We update the transmission details, the Battleship GT has more cutting performance:
the rack update 17X17MM 1.5 from 10X10MM 1.0
the guide on cross beam is duo linear V groove guide wheel
the powerful motor update, Panasonic servo system optional
the guide on the rail is double size than ever, each guider has 2 wheel
the THC update into auto high speed system, no need switch when plasma and Oxyfuel model changing
with anti colliding system
the THC is much more larger and endurable , and equip with the big plasma power, like Max or HPR
update into 3 electromagnetic valve for Oxyfuel cutting
with the anti dust cooling fan
ArcBro Battleship integrates a completely new version of CNC controller with many new features:

High Memory for Users’ Programs
7.0 inch Colorful Screen, high resolution
Built-in Library of Commonly Used Figures
Break-point & Power-cut Restoration
Returning to Reference Point
Kerf compensation
Mirror image



Total solution provider for cutting system, including the plate cutting and the pipe cutting. Our revolutionary machines have already helped thousands of customers to save the cost and increase the efficiency. Now we have a mature and steady group, our engineers could make sure that the every step of production process is rigorous. Our sales team expand our brand and production increasing widely, get more and more distributors from all over the world. The quality of our production would be checked by details even a little screw. And we have a set of customer service plan for you.


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