• Specs
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    9.843 "
    118.1 "
    Cutting Speed
    5 cmpm
  • Product Overview

    New style CNC Pipe Cutting Machine, Offering an economical, entry-level CNC pipe-cutting solution in a compact footprint

    The new ARCBRO Tube-Mini is a portable pipe cutting machine with 2-axis
    ARCBRO Cruiser-Mini have a low investment and save your money and room
    Having a suitable pipe cutting diameter,25mm – 250mm
    A length of up to 3000mm (10-feet), extendable, as long as you wish.
    ARCBRO’s exclusive Windows-DOS®-based operating system with library, it not easy damage by virus.
    Improves pipe fabrication productivity and quality by consolidating set-up, programming and cutting into one operation

    ARCBRO Tube-Mini Feature :

    Economically priced–great choice
    Simple and stable THC equipment
    Independent controlling system of Tube-Mini,decrease electromagnetic interference
    Light weight, easy operation,convenience to move
    One person performs all cutting and handling operations
    Safe, efficient material handling uses variable speed
    High precision and more stability
    Programming and flame/Plasma cutting both.
    Easy to use programming software – no special skills required.
    Large pre-loaded cut library

  • About Company

    Total solution provider for cutting system, including the plate cutting and the pipe cutting. Our revolutionary machines have already helped thousands of customers to save the cost and increase the efficiency. Now we have a mature and steady group, our engineers could make sure that the every step of production process is rigorous. Our sales team expand our brand and production increasing widely, get more and more distributors from all over the world. The quality of our production would be checked by details even a little screw. And we have a set of customer service plan for you.

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