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    59.06 "
    118.1 "
  • Product Overview

    ARCBRO Voyager, Heavy Duty, Military Quality!

    The ARCBRO–Voyager available cutting width standard : 1,800mm ( 2,200mm)
    Available cutting length standard : 2,500mm ( add 500mm for one unit, max as 15,000mm )
    Recommended cutting width 1,800mm
    Oxy-Fuel and Plasma cutting
    Compact, Light weight, easy to use and set up
    It can cut any figures unless you can design using Auto CAD
    Be used directly on the plate to be cut or mounted on a cutting table
    Motorized torch riser allows torch adjustment from controller

    ArcBro Voyager, have the Servo / Step motor Optional

    ArcBro Voyager Feature :

    ArcBro Voyager integrates a completely new version of CNC controller with many new features:

    High Memory for Users’ Programs
    Colorful Screen, high resolution
    Built-in Library of Commonly Used Figures
    Break-point & Power-cut Restoration
    Returning to Reference Point
    Kerf compensation
    Mirror image

    The frame is wider with high-quality racks, up to 420MM, which makes the cross beam move more stably and keep high precision. The cutting head will not bend even up to 2.0M for the beam.

    The machine body guiding rail keep the endurable dual axises slidingrails ,while we want to the beam more stable ,ArcBro Voyager CNC Cutting Machine, the beam guiding rail change into the best precision linear style .The precision linear guide is only be used on the Precision Bigger Gantry machine ,like Koike, Messer and so on. The introduction of guiding rail in the XY-axises of the machine, enables a more stable movement of the crossbeam and avoids the cutting head from declining.

    This feature allows the user to enable or disable the motors while power is on, guarantee the user’s safety

  • About Company

    Total solution provider for cutting system, including the plate cutting and the pipe cutting. Our revolutionary machines have already helped thousands of customers to save the cost and increase the efficiency. Now we have a mature and steady group, our engineers could make sure that the every step of production process is rigorous. Our sales team expand our brand and production increasing widely, get more and more distributors from all over the world. The quality of our production would be checked by details even a little screw. And we have a set of customer service plan for you.

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