ATM ATM-1600

  • Product Overview

    Diameter range: 100-1600mm
    Thickness range: galvanized sheet:0.5-1.2 mm
    Material width: 137mm
    Decoiler: Vertical, inner coil: 460~520 mm, max load: 1200kg
    Adding tendons: one or more(optional)
    Seam lock: located outside the ducts
    Feeding speed: 0-30m/min,adjustable
    cutter: roller shear
    Drive System Cutting and turning over ducts adopt  air-power;
    Compaction of feed rolls adopts hydraulic power
    Forming head mould:   steel,aluminiun alloy is optional
    Total weight 2000kg
    Outside size Main machine:3.4x1.8x1.8 m(Run-off table:2*1.2*1.1 m)
    Total power: 12KW.       main motor:11kw,Hydraulic motor:0.75kw,
    Seam locking wheel motor:0.12kw
    Electrical source: 380V/50Hz/3ph, or by customer decide
    Optional object: Auto measure systems for duct length

  • About Company
    Shanghai Metal Forming Machine Co.,Ltd

    shanghai metal forming machine co., ltd.mainly focus metal forming machines, specializes in designing ,producing metal sheet forming machines ,metal spiral tube forming machine,spring forming machine,no-rivet sheet joint machine and metal sheet auto cutting lines.our products suit for metal tube forming,metal sheet seam lock. and metal sheets rivet,etc

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