ATM ATM10/30

  • Product Overview

    Stainless Steel Flexible Exhaust Pipe Making Machine

    Main Technical Data:
    Type ATM10/30
    Technical data
    Diameter 10~30
    Main motor Power 1.1kw
    Auxiliary motor power 0.55kw
    Weight(approximately) 360kg

    Characteristics of the equipment:
    1.Independent design;
    2.Good design for man-machine engineering,formal and easy for learning,simple and convenient operation;
    3.The production of double-buckled hose with tensile capacity,anti-bending,anti-twisted and permanent drop
    prevention,as per international standard;
    4.Double-buckled flexible pipes can be widely used as protection sleeve for water heating equipment,electrical,
    structure and so on.
    Performances of the equipment:
    1.Stable quality,high production with 600-900 meters per shift;
    2.High-level standardization,good exchange performance of conformity with related standards;
    3.Wide adjustment range and the production of different types from ¢100 to ¢150;
    4.Adoption of advanced imported frequency converter technology,flexible operation,power-saving and no noise.

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    Shanghai Metal Forming Machine Co.,Ltd

    shanghai metal forming machine co., ltd.mainly focus metal forming machines, specializes in designing ,producing metal sheet forming machines ,metal spiral tube forming machine,spring forming machine,no-rivet sheet joint machine and metal sheet auto cutting lines.our products suit for metal tube forming,metal sheet seam lock. and metal sheets rivet,etc

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