• Product Overview

    Line Ⅳ consists of feeding metal frame, leveler grooving rolls, hydraulic notch and punch square machine, double drive singlelock machine, hydraulic shear machine and folder machine. The electrical control is computer controlled. Notch and punch square machine, shear and folder machine with hydraulic systems. All hydraulic componments are famous Germany Rexroth Hydraulic parts, and the electrical units are of good quility from America, Germany and Japan, which increase products capacity and reduces breakdowns. The maximum work speed is 10m/min. The length tolerance is ±0.5mm.The diagonal line tolerance is ±0.8mm. The lock shape is made according to international standard, and the feeding frame can be set according to customer's requirement.

    Basic Equipment
    Basic Equipment
    A: Four power metal feeding frame
    B: One leveler grooving roller machine
    C: Four hydraulic notch and die
    D: Two double seam machine
    E: Hydraulic shearer and folding machine
    F: Industrial computer and specific software

  • About Company
    Shanghai Metal Forming Machine Co.,Ltd

    shanghai metal forming machine co., ltd.mainly focus metal forming machines, specializes in designing ,producing metal sheet forming machines ,metal spiral tube forming machine,spring forming machine,no-rivet sheet joint machine and metal sheet auto cutting lines.our products suit for metal tube forming,metal sheet seam lock. and metal sheets rivet,etc

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