• Specs
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    Max Dia. of Workpiece
    3.15 "
  • Product Overview

    Saw cut angle Tangent angle 90°
    Round tube 80
    Square tube 75×75
    Angle bar 75×75
    C beam 75
    Rectangular pipe 90×75
    Round Bar 38
    Square bar 38
    Drive motor YD90L-2/4 1.8/1.6kw 380v 50HZ

    Saw rotating speed 100/50rpm(standard)
    Head return angle 90/50
    Clamping type side(both)110mm
    Cooling pump motor A-25 380v 90w
    Saw blade HSS250-275mm *32*2
    Air pressure
    Saw blade pin hole Fixed pin hole 2-11*63mm
    Dimension 1300*750*1350mm
    Net weight 240kg

    Magix performance features
    1.Compact design, dual acting clamping action, providing secure, firm and safe operation.
    2.Saw operates with minimal vibration and low noise levels thus enhancing the work environment for its operator.
    3.Work piece's size and position can be set accurately by hand and/or foot adjustment. Work output is precise and with no.plane  burr. This machine is more efficient and is faster than a bandsaw. It is particularly ideal for pipe work.
    4.The work table can be rotated through 45 degrees. The angle can be set precisely with an easy to use interface, thus ensuring  efficient production output.
    5.Good cooling system, ensuring longer saw blade life, maintaining saw blade sharpness after repeated use.
    6.With pneumatic clamping, pneumatic feed device, making the operation of machinery more stable, portable, efficient
    7.The machine can use all international brands of high speed steel saw blades.

  • About Company
    Shanghai Metal Forming Machine Co.,Ltd

    shanghai metal forming machine co., ltd.mainly focus metal forming machines, specializes in designing ,producing metal sheet forming machines ,metal spiral tube forming machine,spring forming machine,no-rivet sheet joint machine and metal sheet auto cutting lines.our products suit for metal tube forming,metal sheet seam lock. and metal sheets rivet,etc

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