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  • Product Overview

    Max bending diameter(mm) 75
    Pipe-wall thickness(mm) 2.5
    Bending radius range(mm) 50-300
    Max bending angle 190°
    Oil pressure system motor(kw) 7.5
    Max pressure 120
    Dimension(mm) 950×1259×3600
    Weight(kg) 2600

    The machine is applied to all kinds of factories, such as Car fittings(oil pipe of brake,bumper,muffler,seat chair,and etc.)motorcycle manufacturing,gymnastic equipment,air-condition refrigeration,bicycle and balneal facility,and so on.
    Performance features:

    PLC control,making the operation of machinery more stable and efficient .

    Multiple functions with manual,automatic,half-circular,full-circular and etc,ideal for flexible pipe produce.

    Two angle setting(0-180°chosen freely),and one angle or two angles sequence chosen are all available.

    Remote footplate switch has multi-functional of automatic start,emergent stop and re-start.

    Bulky cooling circular system,ensuring longer using time of the machine,maintaining the fittings and
    devices,making the operation safely and stably.

    Quick change modular tooling reduces set up time.

    Fine design for the bending head,providing maximal bending space.

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    Shanghai Metal Forming Machine Co.,Ltd

    shanghai metal forming machine co., ltd.mainly focus metal forming machines, specializes in designing ,producing metal sheet forming machines ,metal spiral tube forming machine,spring forming machine,no-rivet sheet joint machine and metal sheet auto cutting lines.our products suit for metal tube forming,metal sheet seam lock. and metal sheets rivet,etc