ATM T-20

  • Product Overview

    TDC unit is one of the two universal flange making systems in the world. It can save time and material drastically with its wel-seal,
    strong and durable joint structure. So it is specially suitable for producing a duct with a large sectional area. Today many famous
    buildings in the world utilize this kind of structure in the ventilation system such as the American Kennedy Space Center, Guangzhou
    CITIC Plaza etc. The unit consists of a feeding frame, main forming machine and a shearing unit, which includes grinder and hydraulic
    shearing unit. The hydraulic shearing unit makes fixed cutting available with very little burr, and may be operated automatically with
    a maximum work speed of 6 m/min. It is divided into four types: T-20、T-30、T-35、T-40 with their corresponding duct corner T-20DC、
    T-30DC and T-40DC.TDC made by ACL may match and produce all the ducts in the DW144 standard, and has passed the HVAC PW/TMI(1987)
    pressure test, which is a speciality test for the intensity and sealed condition of a duct.

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