• Product Overview

    The fourth generation I-360 is API’s lightest, most ergonomic and most versatile handheld probing and scanning accessory to date. It combines the dynamic scanning capabilities of the I-Scan II with the reach and ease-of-use of the I-Probe. It is the perfect accessory to the Radian Laser Tracker for measuring contoured, complex parts.

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  • About Company
    Automated Precision, Inc.

    automated precision inc. is a world leader of advanced metrology solutions for the industry. api’s products, including portable coordinate measurement instruments and cmm calibration systems, are installed and used by all of the world’s leading automotive, aerospace, machine tool, and cmm manufacturers. api’s experienced engineering team is unmatched in its ability to create advanced innovative products, which meet the needs of rapid evolving industrial technologies. api is an active member of, and a key technology partner in several federal and industry sponsored programs for the advancement of various manufacturing scenarios.

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