• Product Overview

    This machine has been specially designed for grinding cutters and chip limiters in the block without reset, creating the 1.1mm height difference under PUWER regulations. A rapid and precise machine for grinding cutters to shape this machine is popular with companies who use handfed moulders and wish to save money by doing grinding in house. The machine automatically develops out the true cutter profile needed using a template formed either to a drawing or shaped to fit square on a sample mould. A built in diamond dresser dresses the grinding wheel and forms the wheel to half round, square or single or double angle section. The grinding wheel offsets automatically when swivelled for side clearance and grinds the cutter only where needed - this avoids spoiling the edge where opposite side clearance is required. Hand operated with a pivot carriage.

  • About Company
    Autool Grinders Ltd

    Autool are manufacturers of precision grinding machines and have been successfully building grinding machines at our sites in Lancashire England for over 40 years.

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