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    The CPC4000 Mass Finishing System is the most versatile unit available. Just like all of the other systems offered by United, the CPC4000 comes standard with a PLC and touchscreen controls and a stainless steel construction. It can be upgraded to be fully automated with an elevator and media & water fill system. The CPC4000 can process both small and large parts up to 27.5” long. Barrel lids weigh only
    19 lbs. The urethane barrels can be divided up to 10 separate compartments and can be adjusted to meet any deburring or mass finishing needs.

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    United Surface Solutions LLC

    United Surface Solutions is the leading manufacturer of centrifugal deburring equipment and water recycling systems. United’s deburring machines are completely manufactured in the United States and offer unmatched precision and quality. All our machines are constructed with high quality materials and components such as stainless steel, urethane, touchscreen controls, and UL Approved electrical systems. Every one of United Surface Solutions’ machines comes with a guaranteed warranty and lifetime process development. Deburring equipment from United Surface Solutions produces the highest quality finish on any part and is superior to vibratory deburring machines, tumblers, centrifugal disc machines, and hand polishing. Our water recycling equipment comes with the same level of quality in regards to construction and processes, recycling water clean enough to reuse or dump down the drain. When it comes to our products and processes, consistency, reliability, and quality are our top priorities. United Surface Solutions is committed to upholding these standards and being the leader in deburring and water recycling equipment.

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