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    The welding machine CW400 brings the bearing journals to their original dimensions, by welding new material following the submerged arc welding process; it is a process for which the electric arc is covered by granulated material called welding sand, than fuses the wire, and puts it on the shaft to be welded.

    The welding sand is a composition of silicon, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, coal, etc., that completely covers the electric arc during welding operations. Furthermore, the welding sand protects the welding with a particular atmosphere and does not hurt the operatorr's eyes. A wire for welding crankshafts either for cars or for trucks is from 35 to 45 Rockwell C.

    Our machine has a double wire selector for working with wires of different diameters, without changing them each time you need. Turn the proper switch to choose one or another. Moreover, the CW400 has the possibility of vertical movement, useful when crankweb welding is necessary.

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    AZ S.p.A.

    The experience start on 1953 under the logo Zanrosso on the field of automotive after sales service with the production of lathes for drums and discs for veichles. In the 1976 born Tecnodue company specialized on garage equipment like two post lifts and gas analyzer. Year by year the product improve till became a world wide leader on machine tools for engines rebuilding, marine engines and railways engines. In the next years AZ has grown as leader in the production of crankshaft grinding machines for energy, locomo­tive and marine field up to 12 meters length, sold all over the world 3000 crankshaft and rolls grinders and this permits AZ to be called "the crankshaft specialist". On 2006 a new challenge. With the achieved experience AZ enter on the market of the special grinding machines especially for the aerospace. AZ spa is a company with quality system ISO9001 certified by DNV GL. The presence of a large number of qualified and loyal customers and the presence of AZ in more than 90 countries proves its success. THE CHALLENGE The aim of AZ is to solve grinding special problems giving to the customers not only a machine but a complete solution. THE TECHNOLOGY The machines produces by AZ perform the most advanced mechatronics solutions. The measurement, the movement, the controls are choosen on the top worldwide leader supplier and their combinations with AZ engineer creativity produce one of the most sofisticate range of product today on the market. THE INNOVATION Bejond the mechanical and electronic knowledge, AZ applies to their machines an innovative IT and web technology for assistance, training and after sales service monitoring in real time the working process.

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