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  • Specs
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    18 gauge
    0.0478 "
    24 "
    36" x 18" x 8"
    97 (LBS)
  • Product Overview

    Just getting started in metal forming or just looking for an inexpensive alternative to having your panels beaded by somebody else? The BR-18M-18 bead roller could just be the perfect solution. Made from plate steel the BR-18M-18 has an 18" throat depth making it perfect for strengthening any type of panel such as roof, deck, and hoods. This bead roller is manually operated by a hand crank that drives both the bottom and top bead rolls. A depth of bead can be altered by a simple top roll adjustment.

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    Baileigh Industrial, Inc.

    Baileigh Industrial offers tube and pipe benders, tube and pipe notchers, roll benders, band saws, sheet metal brakes, ironworkers, cold saws, press brakes and more. We are pleased to offer you quality metal working machinery and sheet metal equipment throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States, as well as Eastern and Western Europe.

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