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    Mandrel Dia. (max)
    6 "
    Stroke (max)
    30 '
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    Barnes Bore Honing & Finishing Systems

    Since 1907 Barnes has been considered a world leader in developing innovative honing and bore finishing technology and processes. The earliest Barnes honing machines were the first to make honing a practical and efficient means of finishing automotive cylinder bores in a production environment. As honing and bore finishing requirements evolved, Barnes introduced a multitude of new products and innovations including multiple spindle machines, automatic part load/unload and transfer, automatic tool changing devices, in process part gauging, servomotor controlled honing stone expansion systems and single pass bore finishing.This long history of innovation has culminated in a new generation of machines, tools, fixtures and abrasives that deliver improvements in honing and bore finishing accuracy, surface finish, productivity and efficiency that were unimaginable just a decade ago.

This Item is No Longer Made

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