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    Flow Rate
    90 US gpm
  • Product Overview

    Barnes Magnetic and Fabric Filters offer two-stage coolant filtration. Our engineers have combined the fabric filter with a magnetic separator. In the first stage, dirty coolant flows through a powerful magnetic field that remove ferrous particles. In the second stage, it passes through a filter which removes non-ferrous contaminants. These filters offer reduced coolant costs, increased production with better finish control, low maintenance costs and a compact design.

  • About Company
    Barnes International

    Barnes today manufactures a wide range of coolant filtration equipment to serve the needs of grinding, honing and cutting machine manufacturers and end users. Over the years, Barnes has been awarded hundreds of patents covering major developments in all product lines. Barnes' history of technological leadership has been and will continue to be a key factor in our success.Located in the heart of downtown Rockford, Illinois, Barnes is based in a 160,000 square foot facility with a staff of dedicated employees who design, manufacture, assemble and test coolant filtration equipment. Barnes International, Inc., is a family-owned and -operated business. Marvin Gollob purchased Barnes in 1979/80 and passed the reins of leadership to his son David Gollob. The vision for tomorrow is growth through innovative product development and excellent product quality and service.

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