• Specs
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    19.69 "
    9.843 "
    1800 x 1275 x 1275 mm
  • Product Overview

    Painted steel shrink tunnel with transport system using mobile silicon coated rollers. It has a system of opening the top cover allowing easy adjustment of internal airflows and quick cleaning.
    For applications where high speeds are required and / or common settings flows attack.

  • About Company

    belca manufactures shrink wrap and flow-wrapping packaging machinery suitable for all kinds of applications and for bagging, mail outs and close clad food wrapping as well. after thirty years in the packaging business we can come up with a solution for every problem. take the time to cruise through our web site and you will see just how completely belca can help you to meet your every requirement in packaging, shrink wrapping and flow-pack. let us help you look for the solution because we always find it. you will find pages of text with descriptions and information as well as a huge amount of graphic material and videos on this site; we hope they will help you find the answer to just about any question you might have on packaging.

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