CNC (Siemens 840D, Heidenhain iTNC530 CNC’s)
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    CNC (Siemens 840D, Heidenhain iTNC530 CNC’s)
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    The CNC machines in the NOVA series have durable monolithic structures featuring a double rail system on each baseframe side. This design allows for the highest amount of rigidity of the gantry during operation. A high performance locking system is ensured with an electro-spindle up to 30-kW. Installation is easy and fast, due to the piece centering laser systems. Optional features include a five-axis head and a CSRS, which is patented equipment designed for aluminum stack sheet milling. The five-axis head comes equipped with Heidenhain direct encodrs and a rotary axis locking system. With this equipment, elaborated pieces work with precision.

  • About Company
    Belotti SPA

    Belotti Spa has been manufacturing CNC milling and water-jet 3-axis and 5-axis cutting systems for over 30 years. Expertise combined with a youthful enthusiasm for the research of new technologies and advanced solutions is the mainstay of our company’s success and growth. Since our first equipment was manufactured in 1977, we have continued to produce machining centres that are greatly appreciated by our customers worldwide. Nowadays Belotti S.p.A. operates in the field of milling and waterjet cutting with a wide range of models that meet the most diversified market needs. The typical characteristic of Belotti’s machining centers is the guarantee of top performance in terms of productivity, quality, machining, reliability and flexibility, according to the quality/price ratio. Special attention is paid to compliance with the strictest standards for safety and work environment respect. Pre- and after-sales technical assistance: customer’s coaching through training courses, process tests and technological consultancy for the realization of templates and programs, quick and qualified after-sales service thanks to assistance centers that are operative all over the world, timely supply of spare parts: in combination with the products’ intrinsic quality, such services are prerequisites for giving the company prestige and trustworthiness; they are also fundamental elements for our Company’s active role in the national and foreign market. Belotti S.p.A. is a company with a strong international vocation. During the last years, Belotti incremented sales to foreign countries more and more, to the point of distributing its machining centres to all continets for an export turnover share of 75% of its production.

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