• Specs
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    Max Weight of Workpiece
    22,046.2 lb
  • Product Overview

    The structure of Bendmak positioners is designed according to turning and front-backward movement of table. Positioner consist of frame, motor, table turning system, and front backward movement systems, electrical cabinet and remote control unit, and have highest physical protection. The positioners are mounted on the ground in order to carry heavy parts. There are standart t-slots on rotators as per preferences which enable quick fixing of the part. Table turning and front-backward movement systems are driven with gear transfer systems.Table turning speed can easily be adjusted thru remote controller with 5m cable. As optional. PLC is applicable to all models.

  • About Company
    Bendmak Makina San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

    The target of BENDMAK is primarily to become leader in developing, producing and marketing mechanical machines worldwide. We as factory have 46 years of manufacturing experience in building Plate Bending, Profile Bending, Folding and Shearing Machines. Our main goals are to reduce the production costs in order to make our machines available all around the world and to give the best customer service possible.

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