• Specs
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    1.5 "
    30" x 60" x 44"
    1,600 lbs
  • Product Overview


    Programmable Work Station
    Allows you to store up to 400 part programs with up to 8 bends per part. Select the angle of bend on the keypad for precise, accurate, and repeatable bends to 195 degrees. Includes a parts counter.

    Direct Hydraulic Clamping
    Clamps the part securely to the rotating die and prevents tube slippage
    during the bending process.

    Toggle Actuated Pressure Die
    A quick acting toggle lever advances the pressure die holder. The heavy duty adjusting screw insures accurate and consistent die pressure for uniform bends. Optional hydraulic pressure die advance is also available.

    Heavy Duty Arm Construction
    The swingarm is secured to both the top and bottom of the main drive
    shaft for outstanding rigidity. The stationary arm is fabricated from
    heavy steel plate.

  • About Company
    Bentec Bending Machines (Div. Kiffer Industries)

    bentec hydraulic bending machines provide maximum versatility at an affordable price. each bentec bending machine is designed and built in cleveland, ohio.

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