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    Boring Dia
    4.961 "
  • Product Overview

    Nelle alesatrici Berco serie ACP 160, l’unità di
    alesatura si solleva e si sposta sul piano di
    scorrimento del banco su “cuscino d’aria” per la
    rapida centratura del cilindro da ricondizionare; il
    bloccaggio è pneumatico. Il gruppo cilindri da
    alesare viene semplicemente appoggiato su
    spessori paralleli e fermato mediante staffe a
    bloccaggio rapido senza particolari esigenze di
    Fornibile in tre versioni: M manuale,
    S semiautomatica, A automatica con C.N.C.

    Boring machines series ACP 160 the boring
    assembly is lifted and moved along the bench
    sliding plane on an “air cuhshion” for quick
    centering with the cylinder to be reconditioned;
    clamping is pneumatic. The cylinder block to be
    bored is placed on parallel supports and locked in
    place by means of quick-clamping brackets with no need for alignment.
    Available in three versions: M manual,
    S semiautomatic, A automatic with computerized
    numerical control.

  • About Company
    BERCO S.p.A.

    Berco’s headquarters are in Copparo (near Ferrara, Italy), which is also home to the largest of its 4 production facilities. Working via its foreign sales branches in the United States, Germany, Brazil, the United Kingdom, China, Bulgaria and India, Berco supplies undercarriages on a just-in time basis to it’s main earth moving machinery OEMs all over the world for initial assembly. With regard to the spare parts market, Berco has a network of over 200 dealers in over 98 countries throughout the world.

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