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BERCO RGTP 600/2500

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Model:RGTP 600/2500
Type:Crankshaft Grinders


Swing:23.62 "
Centers:98.43 "
Dimensions:6600x2000x1800 mm

About BERCO S.p.A.

Berco’s headquarters are in Copparo (near Ferrara, Italy), which is also home to the largest of its 4 production facilities. Working via its foreign sales branches in the United States, Germany, Brazil, the United Kingdom, China, Bulgaria and India, Berco supplies undercarriages on a just-in time basis to it’s main earth moving machinery OEMs all over the world for initial assembly. With regard to the spare parts market, Berco has a network of over 200 dealers in over 98 countries throughout the world.

BERCO RGTP 600/2500

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