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Type:Engine Lathes


Swing:14.57 "
Centers:59.06 "
Spindle Bore:2.244 "
Power:5.4 hp
RPM:2000 rpm
Swing Over Cross Slide:9.055 "
Weight:1640 kg
ZMM-Sliven Co.

About ZMM-Sliven Co.

ZMM Sliven company is established in 1971 in Sliven. It is specialized in designing and production of universal metal cutting lathes, CNC lathes, equipment and spare parts. It is supplier for more than 40 countries all over the world. Production program of models and variation of fulfillment cover deep gamma lathes elaborations: •Work piece diameter over the body from 300 mm to 1600 mm •Distance between centers from 500 mm to 6000 mm •Metric or inch system fulfillment, deep gamma threads and feeds, including thread cutting of details for petrol industry. •Spindle bearing system of high class and long life. •Front spindle based on ISO 702 / II and ISO 702 / III