BIANCO 330 AE 60°

  • Specs
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    Rect-Cap (H)
    3.937 "
    Rect-Cap (W)
    4.724 "
    4.724 "
    4.528 "
    2 hp
    Type (Auto, Manual, Semi)
    Blade Width
    1.063 "
    Blade Length
    118.5 "
  • Product Overview

    Automatic bandsaw - Back Cylinder
    Hydraulic machine that has been designed for the mass cutting of small and medium-size dimensions of the most varied sections at up to 60 degrees. Perfect for use in mechanical and metal workshops that require quality in their workmanship at high rates of production.

    • Base with welded structure; • Bow made out of hardened aluminium and mounted onto conical roller ball bearings; • Reducer unit consists of hardened and ground gears; • Vice unit made from spheroidal cast iron; • Hydraulic control gearcase; • Adjustable widia blade-guide slide blocks; • Electro-mechanic blade tension; • Motorised blade chip brush; • Automatic fast up/down bow movement controlled by feeler pin; • Bow control cylinder positioned at the back, near the fix bladeguide block; • Cutting progress with infinitesimal adjustment possible; • Adjustable pressure in relation to section and type of material: progress increases or reduces in proportion to cutting resistance; • Material feeding carriage with transversal oscillation capacity to facilitate the feed of crooked bars; • Mechanic nonius complete with visualizer to set the piece length • Low voltage electrical system in line with CE norms; • Embossed enamel Finish: RAL 3001 red bow - RAL 5014 indico base.

    • Vice pressure regulation; • Mechanical or hydraulic bundle cutting; • Dry cooling device; • Material infeed/outfeed roller track available in various sizes; • Mechanical blade speed variator 20/100 m/1.

  • About Company

    Bianco S.r.l. was established in 1984 due to the hard work and foresight of the Bianco brothers. The advanced production processes adopted and the development and retention of high profile knowledge over the years has allowed them to be an authority in the engineering and production of bandsaw machines. Because of the constant evolution of the production process and the development of a multi-faceted engineering program, the Bianco brothers have developed a company that is the world leader in the design and production of band saw machines. Bianco Srl, thanks to the strong growth over the years, has been a leader in the industry globalization process. By investing in highly qualified engineers and developing their ability to understand the customers’ requirements has allowed Bianco to keep its strong identity and operational autonomy while developing a wide range of high quality products. Due to this constant development, it has allowed Bianco to develop machines according to the customer’s needs. The overall direction, technical and financial management is personally followed by the Bianco family. The wealth of knowledge and tradition that is rooted in the local industrial fabric allows the company to maintain the distinguishing features of professionalism, competence and innovation which is the base for our success.

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