CNC (Fanuc 18i TB)
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    CNC (Fanuc 18i TB)
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    Biglia & C. S.p.A.

    Founded back in 1958, BIGLIA have expanded constantly over the years to become the leading Italian manufacturer of CNC lathes and turning centers. From the very beginning BIGLIA has been committed to improving machine performances, reliability and the quality of their products and after-sales service. Today BIGLIA is an industrial reality with 160 employees. Since 1958 BIGLIA have produced more than 10,000 machines, of which about 5,500 are CNC-lathes. Reliability, accuracy and performance are assured by using state-of-the-art components, by monitoring manufacturing process closely and employing advanced production technology wherever appropriate. Since its foundation BIGLIA has been committed to design and manufacture high-quality, high-precision machines that guarantee our customers high flexibility.

This Item is No Longer Made

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