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BIKO B3 3158

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Model:B3 3158
Type:Plate Bending Rolls including Pinch


Length of Rolls:10 '
(Init/Dbl Pinch or Pyramid):DBL PINCH
Max Thickness:2.36 "
# Rolls:3
Power:75 hp
Roll Diameter:22.83 "
Weight:90,389 Lbs
Biko S.r.l.

About Biko S.r.l.

The BIKO line of bending rolls, introduced 20 years ago, rapidly became the choice for hundreds of manufacturers producing Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Silos, Wind Towers, Heating and Ventilation Equipment. The long list of satisfied customers is the best guarantee for the machine performance and reliability.

BIKO B3 3158