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Type:Vertical Machining Centers
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X:60 "
Y:31.5 "
Z:33.46 "
RPM:6000 rpm
Table-W:31.5 "
Table-L:70.87 "

Product Overview

Item VMC1500
X axis 1524 mm
Y axis 800 mm
Z axis 850 mm
Spindle nose to table 180-1030 mm
Spindle to column 918 mm
Work Table
Work table size 800×1800 mm
T-slot 5-18×150 mm
Max. loading capacity 2000 kg
Rapid moving speed (X/Y/Z) 24000/24000/18000 mm/min
Feeding speed (X/Y/Z) 3-15000 mm/min
Speed 60-6000 rpm
Taper 7:24 No.50
Diameter φ110 mm
Torque 143 Nm
Power 11/15 Kw
Tool Magazine
Type ATC
Capacity 24 pcs
Time 3 sec.
Max. tool dia. φ110 mm
Max. tool dia. w/o tool on side φ200 mm
Max. tool length 300 mm
Max. single tool length 15 kg
Tool magazine loading capacity 200 kg
Power Source
Full loading current 110 A
Compressed air pressure 0.6 mpa
Electric power 380(1±10%)V 50HZ
Overall Size
Overall size (L/W) 4350×3157 mm
Floor space 5382×3400 mm
Height 3600 mm
Net weight 13500 kg

Bed type structure with fixed column.
X,Y axes go through cross moving table .
Each linear motion axis use imported rectilinear rolling guide ,ball screws and servo motor ,with
full closed loop control.
ATC system is fixed on the column ,realizing automatic tool change .
Closed protective cover with injected plastic on the surface is used. Stainless steel telescoping
protective cover is used to protect each axis guide and ball screw.
Electric cabinet with dual door is connected with the main body of machine tool as a
whole ,unnecessary to disassemble during transportation or installation .
Three guides lying in Y axis ,with the most possible distance between each , solve the problem of
heavy weight turnover during X axis motion ,which guarantees the running stability and rigidity .
Spindle used is the imported high-quality on .Its components are with no rotation vibration after
strict motion balance. Tool storage uses steel ball collect and disk spring to get tools tied and
untied. Pulling force is from disk spring. Unclamping force is from cylinder.
Spindle is driven by synchromesh gear with motor . Transmission ration is 1:1
Spindle configuration can satisfy various combinations of shank and ingot puller.
The design of modularization ensures flexible combinations of special options

Various feelers and suitable NC rotating tables can be installed additionally.
VMC Series Machining Centers use NC systems provided by professional suppliers. Each linear
motion axis , spindle as well as additional rotation axes are driven by servo motors, 3-axis or
4-axis ganged ,capable of milling ,boring ,drilling , rigid threading ,ect. Digital precision
positioning can be achieved. With motion axes plugging and ganged , processing large screw and
curved surface can be realized . Various working procedure of rough and précised machining can
be achieved with one-time calm on the same machine tool. Meanwhile ,multiple typical cycle
programme is installed in the NC system as options during processing .Pre-set programme
controls cutting ,coolant supply, and tool change ,etc. In the process of tool change ,air will be
blown from spindle center automatically to keep shank and taper-bore clean . Clips produced by
cutting will be transmitted by clip collector and transferred in fixed direction to clip colleting cart.

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