• Specs
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    Min Wire Dia.
    0.1575 "
    Max Wire Dia.
    0.3937 "
  • Product Overview

    · Elimination of all the damages of the internal structure of the steel, due to the patented straightening system with helicoidal deformation instead of normal vertical and horizontal deformation
    · The straightening bushes are standardized for all the diameter, made in tempered steel, are friction free with no mechanical wear of bushes
    · The machine does not require any setting up between wire coils of the same diameter
    · Set up time, in the same range of diameter, is to manually adjust the inclination and position of bushes
    · Bar output speed is constant, so is possible to obtain a regular productivity
    · Due to friendly use and reduced setting up time, is possible to drive two machines (one right and one left) with one operator
    · Shearing machine, with 100mm (4”) stroke, follows the bar during cutting, therefore the danger of breakages is avoid
    · It is possible to straighten also raw rolled bars (no cooked bars required)
    · Straightness: black material (drawn) +/- 0,2 mm/linear meter – bright material (rolled) 0,1 mm/linear meter (0,0048 inches/linear foot – 0,0012 inches/linear foot)
    · Tolerance on diameter: +/- 0,05 mm (0,002 “).
    · Tolerance on cut: +/- 5 mm/m (0.06 inches/foot).
    · Up to 32 mm, hardness up to 100 kg/mm2.
    · From 32 to 38 mm, hardness up to 80 kg/mm2.
    · From 38 to 40 mm hardness up to 50 kg/mm2.

  • About Company

    Bocca & Malandrone production consists of: 1 Centerless grinding machines for through feed and plunge grinding controlled by CNC 2 Straightening machines from coils to rods for medium and high tensile steel 3 Wire shaving machines from coil to coil for medium and high tensile steel 4 Automatic installations for cold working of wire 5 Service automation for centerless grinding machines and for rod working 6 Special automatic installations to work finished parts BM, has always made great effort towards technological research and related developments. This emphasis towards research and development has permitted BM to be a key player in both the domestic and international market, providing the most sophisticated and technologically advanced machinery but preserving the traditional solutions which better can guarantee the longer reliability and durability of the machineries (for examples hydrostatic slide and hydrodinamic spindle).

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