Discontinued Model
  • Specs
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    Machining Length
    29.53 "
    Chuck Size
    8.268 "
    Max RPM
    5000 rpm
    Turning Dia
    9.843 "
  • Product Overview

    Milling and turning centers

    Number of spindles 2
    Number of turrets 2
    Chuck dia. Φ210 mm
    Number of turret station 16X2
    Max. speed of spindle/sub spindle 5000 r/min
    Max. speed of revolving tool 6000 r/min
    Power of spindle motor 18.5 / 22 kw (30min)
    Power of sub spindle motor 11 / 15 kw (30min)
    Max. machining dia. Φ250 mm
    Max. machining length 750 mm
    Rapid traverse X1/X2/X3 30m/min
    Rapid traverse Y1/Y2 20 m/min
    Power of motor Z1/Z2/Z3 40 m/min
    Stroke X1/X2/X3 210/210/100 mm
    Power of motor Y1/Y2 100/100 mm
    Stroke Z1/Z2/Z3 800/800/800 mm
    Power of motor X1/X2/X3 2.2/2.2/2.7 kW
    Power of motor Y1/Y2 2.5/2.5 kW
    Power of motor Z1/Z2/Z3 4.5/4.5/4.5 kW
    Weight 8500Kg

    MTK20 is a mill-turning center controlled by high-end NC control system. It features opposed double spindles, opposed double turrets, Y-axis function and C-axis function. Two spindles and turrets can operate simultaneously even for heavy cut. By means of 4 simultaneously controlled axes together with sub spindle’s double feed in X/Z-axis, complete or most machining on a complex workpiece is finished at one setting. The machine is widely used in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing engineer and light industries satisfying increasing demand of customers on function and machining precision of CNC machines.

  • About Company
    Baoji Zhongcheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd

    Baoji Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. is a backbone of China Machine Tool & Tool Industry, a leading metal cutting machine builder in China. Total assets are 1.8 billion Yuan; number of employees is over 3500. With 10 subsidiaries---Baoji Zhongcheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Guanzhong Tool Making Co., Ltd., Baoji Zhongcheng Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd., and etc., It has four productions for high level CNC machines and tools, electric vehicle and key parts, machine rebuilt service, high level medical equipment.