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  • Product Overview

    Table area (W×L) 650×400 mm
    T-slot 3×14×110
    Max. permissible loss 300 kg
    X-axis right-and-left stroke 550 mm
    Y-axis back-and-forth stroke 400 mm
    Z-axis up-and-down stroke 360 mm
    Distance from spindle center to linear way top face 480 mm
    Distance from spindle nose to table face 105-465 mm
    Spindle taper BT30
    Spindle motor power 3.7/5.5(standard) 2.2/3.7(optional) kw
    Spindle speed 80-10000(standard) r/min

    Max. feed speed (X/Y/Z) 10000 mm/min
    Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z) 48/48/60 m/min
    Magazine 16-station UFO-type magazine
    Draw rod BT30-45°
    Tool change time (tool to tool) 2.5 s
    Power source 15/380 kVA/V
    Air pressure 0.6 Mpa
    Air source flow 250 L/min
    Dimension (L×W×H) 2000×2250×2500 mm
    Machine weight 3000 kg

  • About Company
    Baoji Zhongcheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd

    Baoji Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. is a backbone of China Machine Tool & Tool Industry, a leading metal cutting machine builder in China. Total assets are 1.8 billion Yuan; number of employees is over 3500. With 10 subsidiaries---Baoji Zhongcheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Guanzhong Tool Making Co., Ltd., Baoji Zhongcheng Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd., and etc., It has four productions for high level CNC machines and tools, electric vehicle and key parts, machine rebuilt service, high level medical equipment.

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