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  • Product Overview

    Fixed electro-hydraulic tippers

    The tipper is an electro-hydraulically controlled unit suitable for unloading the material contained in a bin weighing up to 2,000 kg. It can be fitted with a storage tank with a vibrating metering unit underneath.
    The tipper can be custom-built.

  • About Company
    BORDIN ETTORE & F. snc

    The mechanical, technical and technological experience acquired over the years has also been used by the progressively expanding company, since the seventies, involving the second and third generations to develop a production sector outside the agricultural area. This sector has now evolved to such a degree that it can now provide the entire general engineering sector with a highly-qualified product for handling products contained in boxes that need to be lifted, turned over, metered and sorted. In this specialist field, BORDIN ETTORE & FIGLI s.n.c.has earned a reputation for the avant-garde production of tippers, tipper lifts, metering tipper lifts, sorting systems and various systems for serving transfer machines, presses, sandblasting machines, washing machines, tumbling machines, galvanizing plants, weighing systems and any other user systems that need to receive parts of various kinds collected generically or specifically from all sorts of containers. Thanks to the heritage of experience and competence acquired by the company in many years of activity, BORDIN ETTORE & FIGLI s.n.c. has identified the right solutions for different sectors, fully diversifying the characteristics of the systems to suit the specific requirements of customers. Second Patent Second Patent The technologies and materials used are the result of in-depth studies by expert qualified personnel supported by the most sophisticated computer systems available on the market today.

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