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    Borel Swiss

    Borel Swiss manufactures furnaces and Ovens for all thermal processing application. Borel Swiss provides a wide range of standard Furnaces, Ovens, Kilns, and many others equipments since 1927. Borel propose a whole range of standard furnaces, accessories & spare parts. If you need a furnace specially tailor-made to your needs, Borel will be pleased to help you. Borel is also a team of qualified technicians at your service, over 25'000 furnaces sold throughout the world since 1927, specialised workshops (refractory steel, heating, insulation), technical support in your language. Borel Swiss is a division of SOLO Swiss Group Industrial Furnaces, Chamber Furnaces, Box furnaces, Ceramic Kiln, Tilting Crucible Furnaces, Laboratory Furnaces, Tempering Furnaces, Protective Gas Furnaces, Kilns, Continuous Furnaces, Fusing Furnaces, Annealing Furnaces, Hardening Furnaces, Top-Hat Furnaces, Bogie Hearth Furnaces, High Temperature Furnaces, Muffle Furnaces, Retort Furnaces, Tube Furnaces, Melting Furnaces, Ageing Furnaces, Atmosphere Furnaces, Pottery Kilns, Top Loader Furnace, Industrial Ovens, Air Circulation Furnaces, Vacuum Ovens, Preheating Furnaces, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Bench Top Furnaces, Laboratory Furnaces, Tilting Furnaces, Glass Furnaces, Crucible Furnaces, Lab Ovens.