• Product Overview

    Machines suitable for brushing and polishing flat parts (such as sections, sheet, plates and frames), for obtaining very high-quality finishing.

    The use of this machine is necessary where the piece dimensions or particular production requirements make the use of traditional machines for flat finishing inefficient.

    The machine is composed of a table on which it is mounted the polishing units carriage which slides on steel longitudinal guides; stroke and speed are adjustable. The polishing rolls, beyond the rotation movement, are provided with device for adjustable axial oscillation, in order to allow to cross the polishing mops cut, for obtaining a homogeneous and effective finishing. The two polishing mops can work both simultaneously or singly (rough machining and finishing of piece).

    The machine is available in various versions, for surfaces with different width and length, with two mops or only one. The abrasive compound to be fed on the mops can be solid or liquid. All the versions are controlled by PLC, with digital keybord for controlling all the functions of the machine.

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  • About Company

    Bossi has been operating for 40 years as world-wide leader in the manufacture of machines for metal surface finishing. Our organisation operates in two production units, with a structure able to manufacture the whole machine, from design to electronics. The wide range of production includes machines which can solve any problem of grinding, satin-finishing, polishing, deburring, etc. of any kind of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, in particular: - Centreless belt grinding and polishing machines for cylindrical surfaces - Longitudinal brushing/polishing machines for round or shaped tubes - Belt grinding and polishing machines for flat surfaces - Brushing/polishing machines for finishing large flat surfaces - Machines to be used “in-line” on tube-mills with TIG, LASER and H.F. welding systems: inside bead control machines for removing the internal weld bead; tube weld grinding machines for removing the external weld bead; planetary brushing machines; brushing machines for square/rectangular tubes - Indexing and stepless rotary tables for grinding and polishing water taps, door handles, holloware, electric iron plates - Automatic transfer machines for high production - Lines for finishing door plates and switch plates - Wrapping machines for tubes - Special purpose machines

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