BOSSI RSP 400/3000

  • Product Overview

    High production machines for grinding and polishing square/rectangular tubes, bars and sections, as well as flat pieces with different sizes and length.

    The great flexibility and versatility of this type of machines allow the user to obtain, thanks to the variation of cutting speeds, different finishing degrees by using various types of abrasive belts and mops.

    The model RSP 400/3000 makes the grinding operation, wet or dry, by means of belt units, whereas the model SPP 400 is equipped with working units for dry brushing by means of flap wheels, Tynex brushes, steel wire wheel brushes, or for dry polishing and buffing by means of sisal or cotton mops and feeding of solid or liquid abrasive compound.

    It is also available the combined version with abrasive belts, brushes and planetary brushing unit suitable for deburring flat parts sheared by laser or water.

    Wide working range with possibility of processing parts having a thickness from 0,5 up to 300 mm. and length from a minimum of 10 mm. up to a maximum of 8 meters.

    The machines are available in various models for different working widths (150-200-300-400-500 mm.) and they can be provided with automatic loading and unloading systems of the pieces to be worked, inlet and outlet roller conveyors, automatic turnover device, return conveyor belt, electronic control by PLC S7.

    It is also available a model with opposite units for the simultaneous working on two sides of square/rectangular pieces with a minimum length of 2 meters.

    Model Brochure (394 KB)

  • About Company

    Bossi has been operating for 40 years as world-wide leader in the manufacture of machines for metal surface finishing. Our organisation operates in two production units, with a structure able to manufacture the whole machine, from design to electronics. The wide range of production includes machines which can solve any problem of grinding, satin-finishing, polishing, deburring, etc. of any kind of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, in particular: - Centreless belt grinding and polishing machines for cylindrical surfaces - Longitudinal brushing/polishing machines for round or shaped tubes - Belt grinding and polishing machines for flat surfaces - Brushing/polishing machines for finishing large flat surfaces - Machines to be used “in-line” on tube-mills with TIG, LASER and H.F. welding systems: inside bead control machines for removing the internal weld bead; tube weld grinding machines for removing the external weld bead; planetary brushing machines; brushing machines for square/rectangular tubes - Indexing and stepless rotary tables for grinding and polishing water taps, door handles, holloware, electric iron plates - Automatic transfer machines for high production - Lines for finishing door plates and switch plates - Wrapping machines for tubes - Special purpose machines

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