• Specs
    CNC (SIEMENS 840D)
  • Product Overview

    parameters LMXH2560 Unit
    Table size 2500×6000 mm
    Spacing between two columns 3200 mm
    Max. allowable load 22000 kg
    T-slot size  (mm x numbers) 28×11 Mm ×N
    Machining range
    Max. travel of table – X axis 6200 mm
    Max. travel of saddle– Y axis 3200 mm
    Max. travel of spindle box – Z axis 1000 mm
    Distance from Spindle end face to table surface
     Maximum 1200 mm
     Minimum 200 mm
     Tapered bore(7:24) BT50
    Revolving speed range 40-6000 r/min
     Max. output torque   1050/1435 N .m
    Spindle motor power 30/41 kW
     Cutting feed speed range 1-8000 mm/min
     Rapid moving
     X axis 10 m/min
     Y axis 10 m/min
      Z axis 10 m/min
     Tool magazine
     Max. length of tool 300 mm
      Form Chain link type
     Capacity 32、40、50、60 N
      Max. diameter of cutterhead
     Magazine full of knives φ125 mm
     Knife empty neighborhood φ225 mm
     Tool change time (knife to knife) 6 S
     Max. weight of tool 20 kg
    Positioning accuracy : Executive standard  JB/T8771.4-1998
    X axis 0.045(0.025With grating ruler) mm
     Y axis 0.035(0.020With grating ruler) mm

     Z axis 0.020(0.010With grating ruler) mm
     Execute JIS  standard(JISB6330)
      X axis ±0.005/300 mm
    (±0.003/300 With grating ruler)
      Y axis ±0.005/300 mm
    (±0.003/300 With grating ruler)
     Z axis ±0.005/300 mm
    (±0.003/300 With grating ruler)
      Repeated positioning accuracy : Executive standard  JB/T8771.4-1998
       X axis 0.030(0.020With grating ruler) mm
     Y axis 0.022(0.014With grating ruler) mm
     Z axis 0.012(0.006 With grating ruler) mm
       Execute JIS standard (JISB6330)
     X axis ±0.003(±0.002 With grating ruler) mm
      X axis ±0.003(±0.002 With grating ruler) mm
      X axis ±0.003(±0.002 With grating ruler) mm
     Weight of machine 88000 kg
    Total electric capacity 89 KVA
     CNC system SIEMENS 840D

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    Botou Giant Heavy Industry Machinery Co., ltd

    Our company is a specialized manufacturer of CNC vertical lathe: 1.CNC single column vertical lathe, 2. CNC doubel column vertical lathe, 3. CNC high speed vertical lathe, 4.Turn-milling recombination center, 5.Double-sided milling machine, 6.Five-axis simultaneous CNC Gantry Boring and milling machining center etc and other heavy machine tool equipment.

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