BRAWN SP.TX02 56/140

SP.TX02 56/140
  • Specs
    44 (LBS)
  • About Company

    Located in Holland, Michigan, we have been manufacturing high-quality mixers under the BRAWN name since 1993. BRAWN was founded on forty-five years of experience in designing and manufacturing mixers from fractional to over 100 HP. Our mechanical design capabilities have been proven by the thousands of BRAWN standard and custom mixers installed worldwide. Equally important is our wealth of applications experience in industries from pharmaceuticals to foundries, waste water to food processing. Customer service, quality equipment, and competitive pricing together define BRAWN value. If you haven't yet experienced the superior performance of a BRAWN MIXER, let us show you how we combine product knowledge, process experience, and innovation to contribute to your bottom line. BRAWN delivers mixing solutions -- guaranteed.

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